Same old story FAM.

UPDATE May 26 (9.25am): Singapore's The New Paper talks about 'Paul', 'John' and four nabbed for attempt to fix LionsXII match. Not two but three Malaysians are apparently involved. Read the article here.


When former Fifa head of security Chris Eaton was in Kuala Lumpur last year, the FA of Malaysia (FAM) got him to say no official was involved in the Malaysia-Zimbabwe friendly matches fiasco.

Then when Eaton was reported to have said Malaysian officials were involved by the Singaporean Media, again FAM tried to play it down.

To show that they are committed in their crime against match-fixing, FAM set up a Coordination and Investigation Unit headed by former police officer Osman Bakar.

So what support Osman has been receiving to play his role effectively? He is no longer a cop and is in no position to investigate such matters.

How many players or officials have been arrested or charged since the setting up of the unit?

The NST had today reported referee Shokri Nor and former Kedah player S. Thana Segar were charged here yesterday with abetting to fix the result of Tuesday’s Super League match between Singapore and Sarawak.

The Singapore Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) received information a day before the match about the meeting in Penang and informed the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), which then alerted the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

We should thank the Singaporeans for sharing such information. But do we now need to rely on the Singaporeans to teach us how to investigate in our own backyard?
HD says: Same old story.....


  1. hahaha...FAM hanya pandai cakap je bro...kerja HAMPEH!!!...yang diorang tau cari salah orang laen and then HUKUM...tunggulah apa kata diorang2 yg tengah HONEYMOON kat HUNGARY...especially UDIN & IDIN...

  2. Bro,

    macam mana SINGAPORE smp ke Pinang diorang leh kesan, FAM yg dok dalam Msia ni pun xtau pape...what a shame!!!goyang kaki dalam office le r keje FAM ni...

  3. Bro,
    set fam ni goyang kaki dlm office and jln2 kat overseas...tu jela.....tukarla kepimpinan bangan fam tu..memalukan

  4. Kawan2, Datuk Astaman Aziz, pun apa kurang Nya dgn rasuah. Diri sendiri berlumuran ni kan pulak nak bersihkan. Hahaha.....Hampeh FAM.


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