Time to talk Karim

Through a mutual friend, Malaysian Athletics Federation deputy president Karim Ibrahim and I were suppose to meet over a cup of coffee.

Karim did send me an SMS, telling me he has to attend to an ailing family member and will meet up as soon as he sorts his stuff out weeks ago. I'm still waiting for his call.

I was also told Karim has been asked not to speak to the Media. 

But the silence is not helping him and the federation at all.

National sprinter Norjannah Hafiszah Jamaluddin is the latest to lash out at Karim for turning his back on the six athletes who skipped drug tests last year.

"When we were given warnings after the investigation and coach (Harun) banned for a year, I thought the matter was closed.

"Now Wada is coming after us and we are all worried that we might not be able to run again. And it is not as if we did it on purpose.

"We were told not to take the tests. I was on the phone with Karim at the time and he told us not to take the tests.

"Now he has turned his back on us."

Read more in today's NST.

HD says: Let's meet up Karim...for real this time.


  1. Come on bro..
    Push him more

  2. kah..kah..kah..skrg baru lu tau siapa itu shahidan kassim dan siapa itu karim ibrahim...makhluk perosak...kah..kah..kah...

  3. I taught you are his good friends


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