Hockey revamp?

From defending champions to finishing rock bottom in the Sultan of Johor Cup, it was certainly a forgettable tournament for the national under-21 hockey team.

Nevertheless, a more important meeting took place at Thistle Hotel in Johor Baru yesterday.

A paper to 'restructure' the Malaysian hockey scene was presented by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to MHC officials.

Instead of studying the contents of the detailed report, many seem to be very eager to find out who wrote the report. Sigh!

This reminds me of the expose I did on the poor conditions at the Bandar Penawar sports school not too long ago.

Apparently teachers are still being hauled up and accused of alerting the Press but none from the ministry is addressing the main problem in the school.

I hope the contents will be digested and practised by the stake holders namely the State HAs.

I  sincerely hope they will.

HD says: Hmm....


  1. shot the messenger...all the time

  2. The tournament serves as a reality check for the juniors and their coaches. Many teams in the inaugural competition were not prepared or rather in the midst of building up for the Juinor World Cup, whilst our team were at their peak. The loss of lats year's main players should be addressed from that time itself. The coaches were basking at the glory. Our players looked jaded and not motivated, too many local tournaments? From the MJHL to SUKMA to Razak Cup in a space of three months?!! MHC better come up with solutions before we hear the same story line and excuses again come next year's Junior WC.

  3. Those members of the council are so eager to know who wrote the report...but in the first place are they competent enough to understand and elaborate on the matter...?

    In the first place, why do we need a import as the coach of the national team? On what grounds was the decision made for a import coach? Did MHC really know the root of the problem or they had some matsalleh guy telling them how to tie their shoelace.

    I've said many time before and i still hold to it...only a local coach can change our fortune. Local coaches are ideal choice, beside coaching sports they also posses and know the in-side of our culture and the social ill surrounding it as a Malaysian. The tendency to lie and being untruthful is very tick in our society at all level. Even our politics suffer the same fate...

    How do we change all these? Spiritual consideration and analysis should always be part of whatever action and decision being made or taken. The glimpses of one's faith are all a round us in our everyday we realize it...?

  4. No matter how you revamp, it's still a waste. HOPELESS!!! Aft winning last time, all think they won Olympics gold.. Malaysian mentality .. always will be!
    Dont waste taxpayers money!


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