Macam pelarian....

Those were the exact words describing the accommodation supposedly provided by the Malacca Hockey Association for the Malacca Under-14 team that competed in the national Under-14 tournament.

Any one care to explain?

HD says: Hmm....


  1. Reminded me of the same scenario back in 80's where we played in Razak / Rahman Cup. I thought it's gone...Hmmm very pathetic..


  2. this is malaysia what..... hehehhe

  3. just because they are still kids doesn't mean they should be treated such

  4. Why i am not surprised :) Maybe kena pergi see asrama in MSN.. It will open your eyes!

  5. standard homestay la bro !! tapi kalau dah 18 players plus officials - mcm tu la jadinya!!!
    kena mintak MHC naikkan subsidi kot!!!! :-)


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