AFC probe FAM, Norshahrul

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) are investigating national striker Norshahrul Idlan Talaha and the FA of Malaysia (FAM) for breach of Fifa regulations.
In an email response to Mailsport over two incidents that occurred at the Malaysia-Bahrain Asian Cup qualifiers Group D match at Shah Alam Stadium last Tuesday, AFC confirmed investigations were underway. Mailsport had highlighted the issue last Thursday.

The match ended 1-1 with Norshahrul’s 70th minute goal celebrations courting controversy. Norshahrul, who stars for Super League outfit Johor Darul Takzim, lifted his shirt to reveal a religious message breaching Fifa Laws of the Games Law 4 (Players Equipment).

The regulation prohibits the use of “political, religious or commercial messages” during matches.

The ruling extends to a player’s undershirt.

After the final whistle, smoke bombs were lit by fans.

Read the full report here.

Pic taken from The Star.

HD says: Remembers when FAM were fined during the Malaysia-Singapore pre-World Cup match in 2011, as seen here.


  1. Raja, must go easy on McDonald's Happy meals

    After watching Malaysia holding Bahrain to a 1-1 draw which gives a very slim hope to qualify for the finals considering the other teams in contention for the 3rd best placed. Malaysia with their performance seemed very ordinary and lacked the substance to be among the best Asian country.

    Bahrain, looked very poor in their performance, only able to play a very basic football. With that Malaysian team only managed a 1-1 draw - happy indeed.

    Once again, we're easily satisfied, to an extent we fail to notice or recognize the poor performance by our opponent in order to capitalize on it. When we're are easily satisfied we tend to overlook and easily feel happy with whatever performance being ditched out - the goal by Norsharul, was simply due to the poor clearance by the Bahrain player.

    Playing at home and feeling happy with the poor performance like this is depriving us the vision and awareness needed to improve the play. The Malaysian team is nowhere near the required standard to be compared. The cross which came in from Akil, was simply aimless, going straight to the Bahrain defender, who did a poor clearance which fell to Norsharul.

    Can we proudly feel happy with such performance?? Scoring gifted goals are not good enough to take us to the finals.

    HSKL says: The principals involving attack are still not understood well by the players.

  2. Raja's, post-match press conference clearly shows the limitation in their resources.
    Calling it the best performance gives the impression as though they have achieved the required playing standard. Even the players according to Raja, has given their best.
    Knowingly or unknowingly Raja, has limited his and the players abilities trough his pc.

    HSKL says: Are there anymore best left for Raja and his boys?

  3. HSKL,

    Cerita sdr itu dah banyak kali sdr sebut. Loud and clear.

    Looking forward to your comment on the latest announcement by Ministry of Youth and Sports on the project that Lim Teong Kim is handling. Or the comment by Shebby Singh in Kafe Sukan regarding expectation on the new coach whom to replace Rajagopal. Or statement made by TS Annuar Musa that Malaysia has the potential to rival Japan / Korea in 4 /5 years time but lack direction and planning.

    Sicerely requesting,


  4. Sdr Kamarul,

    Apabila kekurangan dan kelemahan yg sama masih wujud, maka, terpaksa saya ulangi perkara yg sama.
    Pada masa yg sama, kita juga harus faham bahawa latihan berulangkali (rehearsal) membolehkan kita untuk sentiasa berada pada tahap yg di tuntut bidang sukan tersebut bagi meningkatkan kefahaman dan kesedaran yg maksimum dlm sesuatu keinginan secara mental dan fizikal - Practice makes perfect

    Tentang perlantikan sdr Lim Teong Kim, bagi projek pembangunan bolasepak tanahair di peringkat KBS, telah menampakan betapa malang dan gagalnya pembangunan bolasepak yg di usahakan FAM sehingga kini...

    Malangnya di Malaysia usaha2 seperti ini seringkali mengalami kegagalan - Hatem soussi dan skuad remaja piala dunia.
    Walaupun begitu kita masih mahu percaya usaha seperti ini dapat mengubah nasib bolasepak negara sepertimana yg di inginkan semua.

    Pembangunan b.sepak negara bukan sahaja terletak pada pelantikan seseorang semata-mata, malah ia juga harus mengambil kira kesediaan semua kumpulan sokongan untuk mengadaptasikan pendekatan yg akan di majukan. Pendekatan dan peranan yg di guna pakai jurulatih2 di peringkat akar-umbi akan menghalang kemajuan yg di inginkan.
    Kita harus memperbetulkan dan meningkatkan kebolehan kumpulan2 sokongan seperti, jurulatih dan guru melalui penyeragaman manual latihan (coaching manual)
    Disamping ini juga, saya berangapan bahawa sdr Lim Teong Kim, akan menghadapi banyak cabaran dlm usahanya untuk menterjemahkan ilmu beliau, memandangkan kelemahan yg terdapat dlm jurulatih2 yg telah di hasilkan oleh FAM selama ini...

    Komen Shebby Singh, dan TSAM, izinkan saya untuk memberi komen saya dlm masa yg terdekat.

    HSKL kata: Kita masih mahu mencari kemajuan tanpa kesedaran.

  5. ....akibat drp kelemahan yg wujud di kalangan jurulatih2 yg terlibat di peringkat akar-umbi untuk melahirkan pemain2 sepertimana yg di kehendaki, boleh membantutkan usaha KBS dan sdr Lim Teong Kim.
    Akan tetapi jikalau, semua usaha di setiap peringkat pembangunan di usahakan sendiri oleh KBS dan sdr Lim Teong Kim, boleh memberi sedikit kemungkinan.

  6. akibat terlalu banyak taruhan bola akhirnya saya putuskan utk berhenti bermain bola spt mereka...

  7. HSKL,

    Terima kasih kerana memberi maklum balas.

    Saya cuma berharap Lim Teong Kim membawa sesuatu yang segar dari Bayern Munich.

    Jika dia sekadar mewarisi program sedia ada dari abangnya, kita tidak patut mengharapkan apa-apa perubahan.


  8. How are we to rival Japan when we failed to make it to the under 17 Fifa world cup currently being held in UAE??

    With the players we have today, Harimau A,B.C and D, can we sincerely expect to rival in 4/5 years times? In the first place, we need to look at this intention by TSAM, in the right perspective. When technical and non-technical issues which are dampening our progress are not addressed all this while, how can we believe in our ability to rival with-in the intended time frame?
    Adapting the right planning and identifying the right direction for someone like TSAM is very respectable. But we need to look beyond that - technical ability and understanding involving the physical aspect - The science of playing the sport.

    Watching the under 17 world cup can give us the insight to be successful.

    Nevertheless, we all should give TSAM, the benefit of doubt as to the direction and planning which he believes can bring about the desired results - considering the current situation under FAM, no harm trying.

    HSKL says:The entire system and "landscape" need to be renewed, for us to reach the stars


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