Rogue guards - a 20-year-old problem

Have you ever wondered about the nationality of the security guard at your condominium? Did you know that only Nepalese ex-servicemen and Gurkhas are permitted to be security guards in Malaysia?
Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Afghanis are strictly off the list. Surprised?

It was reported last year that more than 150,000 locals and 50,000 Nepalese Gurkhas were legitimately employed as guards in the country.

With demands for security guards increasing and the availability of cheap labour, unscrupulous firms are taking advantage of the situation, often hoodwinking their customers to believe they are being supplied legitimate security personnel.

Even the Security Services Association of Malaysia had, since 2006, acknowledged it was possible for guards to be hired without referring to any authority and it was difficult to detect them.

The Malay Mail had in 1990, 1992 and again in 2006 reported how easy it was for anyone to be a security guard as our reporters were able to secure jobs without even producing their identity cards.

Medical examinations and urine tests were also not mandatory and our reporters were able to report for duty the next day.

Read more about rogue guards here.

HD says: So what are we doing about it?


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