JDT 'missing' tickets mystery

Following frman's tweets on his Twitter account on Friday, I spoke to several individuals about the missing tickets involving Johor Darul Takzim matches.

The article appeared on the backpage of The Malay Mail today.

More than 300 M-League tickets involving Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) were reported “missing”,  raising questions about the security of courier services in the country and the lengths individuals will take to make a quick buck from the football fever.

Mailsport learnt 308 tickets for six matches involving the Southern Tigers in both the Super League and Malaysia Cup went missing. The star-studded Johor side have been enjoying massive attendances at their home matches throughout the season.

The tickets were couriered from Kuala Lumpur to Larkin via Pos Laju.

Read more here.

HD says: Some folks will go to great lengths to get M-League tickets.


  1. Even a simple task, FAM can fumble.

    How worst can a sport association be?
    Things involving a very simple task can turn out be very shameful. And these are the same people charting the future of the sport. They are in total denial of their capabilities and the shortcoming, which is making them look like a bunch of people with only five sense. Do they know how miserable they look in the eyes of the society, when such things happened?

    Honestly speaking, these people in FAM actually don't care about the future of the sport and also the nation. All they want is, the well being of their family and their interest leading to it.
    We must not allow such people to be part of any human development related matters, because they don't have the consciousness to view matters in the right perspective. - when comes to their family and their selfishness, they will have all the consciousness required.

    Seriously, we must deny people without the required "soul" to be part of any nobel causes.

    HSKL says: Consciousness must be accompanied with actions, not verbal alone.

  2. Sorry HSKL, I usually agreed with your points of view with regards to FAM, but this is clearly the breach of trust in part of the courier company. FAM didn't know about the missing tickets until JFA finally decided to make a report. FAM have lots of weaknesses but we as fans need to be objective and fair too in our criticism

  3. Dear Amir,

    One thing is for sure was, FAM failed in their communication aspect.
    They should have kept coordinating and monitor the progress of their shipment over some phone calls, until it reaches the recipient. But here they only knew it through JDT - Lacked sense of urgency on their part. This comes to show that FAM was simply incompetent in carrying out their duties, by the absent mindedness seen here...

    Communication is something very vital in whatever we do, and want to do. In this case FAM simply failed in their role as the sender of the shipment to JDT - now we can surely blame FAM - what say you, Saudara Amir?

    HSKL says: Putting some effort sincerely can bring us the desired results we want.

  4. It was raining today. Must be FAM's fault!


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