Money for maintenance

The stadium in Paroi could use a good coat of paint, to cover up the vulgarities and ‘08’ marked on the wall. Only athletes are allowed to stamp their marks at the stadium — by breaking records.

The track needs to be replaced too.


What have national sports associations (NSAs) done to secure funds?

For the record, Berjaya Sports Toto “contributed” RM62.4 million to the ministry's funding arm the National Sports Council (NSC) as stated in its 2013 annual report — a huge increase from the RM57.9 million it handed out to the council in 2012.

It would be interesting to know what the money was spent on — a question the NSAs should ask NSC.

Should we demand more money from the government? We should instead ensure sports in this country stand on their own feet with minimal government funding and interference.

If need may be, let’s start allocating money on maintaining our facilities.

Read more in Haresh Says today.

HD says: Itching for another road trip, hopefully soon.


  1. Bro, I must qualify my statement by saying I'm not a great fan of NSAs but isn't maintenance of facilities under the purview of KBS via MSN or state governments? I think by cutting down 1 junket overseas for lawatan sambil belajar; a lot can be done. Cheers

  2. check your fact bro...some facilities are under Local Government jurisdiction or state govt.


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