NSA v NSC: Who calls the shots?

Haresh Says, as published in The Malay Mail today.

ONE tends to wonder who actually runs Malaysian sports.

Political and governmental interference is a big no-no as far as international sports bodies are concerned.
However, where do we draw the line?

It is no secret government money is used to fund athletes and sports in most countries including Malaysia. Developed countries like China, England and Australia spend millions prepping their sportsmen for the Olympics in pursuit of gold medals, honour and to a certain extent bragging rights.

But does that give the government — or certain government officials — the right to lord over the national sports associations (NSAs)?

The Sports Ministry, mainly its funding arm the National Sports Council (NSC) seem to have a lot to say when it comes to sports governance and more recently, the selection of athletes for international games.

Last week NSC, urged the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) to include experienced high jumper Lee Hup Wei and hurdler Noraseela Khalid for the Myanmar Sea Games despite the duo having failed to make the cut.

Over the weekend, the council chided the BA of Malaysia over the deteriorating performance of national shuttlers — as reported by national news agency Bernama.

These were among the many instances of NSC having a say in almost everything and anything in the local sports scene.

Read more in Mailsport.

Do also read what our national contingent left behind at the Olympic Games last year, as revealed by SS Dhaliwal in The Malay Mail today (pic).

HD says: So where do we draw the line?


  1. Can you draw a straight line for NSA to be accountable for the funding they received from government or private sponsor. NSA in Australia, uk, singapore and many more must table audited account yearly and how many NSA in malaysia doing that? Could you point us the learned reader how many NSA leader whom you fond to defend take action to those mismanage their fund?

  2. Started war cry is it?

  3. It has come to this stage as the NSAs are weak and depend on the NSC for most of their funding. NSC has in granting the funds, crossed the line into micro-managing the NSAs. The NSAs have themselves to blame in this situation. If there are well managed and have adequate funding on their own, they could better chart their destiny.

    Wan Yew Leong

  4. Ask Daliwal what happened to SEA Games 2011 report. Apparently the team manager is still sitting on it. Why the silence?

  5. Something is better than nothing

    NSC as the funding arm must focus on matters related to how NSAs spend taxpayers money given to them. Instead, they are more concern about the athlete selections.I have to say that Noorseela, is a 'cry baby seeking pampering.'
    She ran and failed to meet the qualifying time...after that she becomes a 'sour grape' expecting favoritism - Play by the rules, and set a good example to the other young athletes - None are indispensable. As for the new leadership at MAAU, they have done the right thing. We must support them for sending the right signal to the other athletes to meet the standard required - Well done MAAU.

    Coming back to the role being played by NSC, they seemed failing to make a stand on matters related to the pending reports, going way back to the Commonwealth games 98 - sweeping the dirt under the carpet.

    Can the NSC chief explain to the taxpayers, on why the reports are still not out yet for public consumption?? Why are they still keeping silence about it - Has it got to do with politics, as usual?

    Please know your priority, and stop meddling with issues not concerning your area.

    HSKL says: Do your job well and good first, before telling others what to do.

  6. HSKL know your fact,,,hahaha..Commonwealth 98 organizing commitee not under nsc la..

    1. You seemed well informed about the matter. Have you got anything to do with the failure to submit the Commonwealth 98 report?? If you do, why don't you elaborate further and give a clearer picture on what really happened in failing to complete the task by the committee??
      You sound naive, need to do better than just laughs to support your stand on the matter. If you do, lets engage further and save the laughs for later...

      HSKL says: Pointing the mistakes alone is not good enough...you also must be able to educate.


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