Trust kicks a long way

Trust should never be compromised — be it in the handling of tickets or the distribution of sponsor money.

Breach of trust — no matter how small — will turn people off.

Trust comes from all ends — from people who need to place their trust in Malaysian football to the guardians who must realise trust is a valuable commodity.

And trust me when I say that the Malaysian football industry is alive and kicking.

Read more in Haresh Says.

HD says: I trust some may have differing views about this commentary.


  1. We can trust and believe in the industry, but not the sport(Malaysian football)
    There were many occasions we lost the trust in Malaysian football due to bad Administration, Management and development.Core matters such as salary of players are still not resolved - how can we trust the sport??
    Following "bumper to bumper," are also the flip-flop policy and the ever-changing decisions shown by the sport, which 'rapes' the word trust.
    Trust also need sincere effort physically besides just verbal. There's every reasons why trust must be able to be seen here - when comes to Malaysian sports, particularly football(FAM)

    Nevertheless, sports industries stakeholders, excluding the ones claiming to be developers and administrators are always willing to do their part, but unfortunately, they are also skeptical about the way how sports are being run here...

    HSKL says:Trust need the spiritual considerations, not only worldly alone.


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