When govt SERVANTS play God

There have been instances where high ranking government servants and ‘advisors’ dictate terms beyond their jurisdiction.

And there are little Napoleons who have the audacity of spending tax-payers money to file frivolous legal suits against third parties.

To them, flying business class and spending nights in luxurious hotels are “perks of being in the government”.

Such antics reflect badly on the minister and the administration.

The press will take the ministers to task but ministers hardly tick off their subordinates for fear of rocking the boat.

Even UK newspaper The Guardian, had last Sunday, reported that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak (pic) will not risk downsizing the bloated civil service when he presents the 2014 Budget on Friday.

Trust me, sir, you don’t need some of them for they have only tarnished your reputation.

Read more in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Tired of dealing with mere government SERVANTS trying to act all high and mighty at the expense of tax-payer's money.


  1. I say...it's time to trim the fat..and it starts from the top!


  2. Not only the gov servant act all high and mighty, people running sports associations using taxpayers money act the same way too!
    A lot of taxpayers money are channeled to all the sports associations starting from district right up to national level. The culprit doing it are the Menteri Besar's at the state level and the Ministries at the federal level. There are also money belonging to the people being given indirectly to sports associations through companies and GLC. Corporate and private entities are supposed to pay taxes to the government for the well being of the people, but instead it goes to a bunch of people in the name of sports depriving the masses, through tax exemption.

    Football association happened to be the most fortunate ones gaining from it, even though the sport is not up to the expectation. There are only a handful of sports associations capable of putting Malaysia among the best, but also failing when comes to development.
    We must put in place a mechanism to audit and prosecute all the sports association at all levels, if we're really serious about accountability. MB Selangor seemed to be at the top spot, when comes to giving away taxpayers money. Imagine, the amount of money given to the Football Association of Selangor, believed to be more then RM10 million annually. Where does all these money really goes to besides paying the players and staff salary?
    Taxpayers must begin to demand explanation and justification on how the monies are being spend by investigating their annual accounts report.
    Most sports association in the country are being run by politicians and people close to politics who owns up to bad practices and getting hefty allowances and perks.

    Aren't they supposed to be volunteers in a non profitable organisations??

    These are the main reasons why the same people are always occupying the association term after term. They even go to the extent of buying votes and manipulating the process to deny others in-order to safe guard their strong hold term after term.

    HSKL says: Money is the root to all evil, when consciousness are lost.

    1. HSKL is absolutely right. Everybody knows what goes on. Buying votes/proxies etc is the name of the game. How else would these "officials" be there forever and ever! Every term is 4 years L o n g! Plenty of opportunities for the "right' people.


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