Getting sucked in by rotten food

Sadly, consumerism in this country is taken very lightly.
Only a handful of us are willing to speak up against retailers who see no harm in selling substandard foodstuff.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry can aid by conducting regular inspections and ensure retailers — from sundry shops to hypermarkets — sell quality items.

But it is us, as consumers, who have the ultimate say. We need to take charge of what we put in our stomach and in our households.

The quality of food sold should not be taken for granted.

Nevertheless, many tend to treat such matters lightly. After all, it is not as sensational as cows and condominiums or a fishy multi-million ringgit tuna project that failed.

It is the unscrupulous sellers who will have the last laugh for we are the suckers who will continue to fork out money for low quality food.

Read more in Haresh Says today.

HD says: Stand up against those who sell substandard food items.


  1. 'Not only the foods are rotten, politics are rotten too.'

    The government has allowed these bad practices to flourish due to their policies which only gives the upper-hand to the business community. On the enforcement aspect, the relevant people are so ignorant and only care for their family and children - cows and fish.

    When the people in power simply can do things as they wish, what can we expect from them in protecting the interest of the masses?? They are to busy accumulating wealth illegally which has darkened their hearts leading to bad governance.

    When we place people in position from political backgrounds, they will only serve the interest of their politics, not the well being of the people. In Malaysia everything is politics. Malaysia is one country where the corrupt are put on stage as a leaders, to lead the people without feeling shame - corrupt practices.

    At the speed we're going, sooner or later, we will be a bankrupt country like Brazil, Argentina and Greece.

    HSKL says: When we care for the well being of others, God will care for us.


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