Another Malaysian athlete tests positive for banned substance

UPDATE Oct 21 (11.35am): NST quoted a BAM official saying a top national shuttler is involved in the fiasco. Read more here.


KUALA LUMPUR: After Malaysia’s wushu exponent Tai Cheau Xuen, another Malaysian athlete has failed a drug test, the second doping case within a month. 

The athlete was one of those randomly picked up for an anti-doping test. Malaysian officials are now waiting for the results on the B sample before making any announcement. 

The athlete also took part in the Asian Games but was not among the gold medallists in Incheon, South Korea, so Malaysia’s ranking in the Games will not be affected. 

Read more here.

Those in the industry know who is involved. But could it be more than meets the eye? Jeng, jeng, jeng...

To be fair, let's wait for the results of the B sample before making any judgements.

Till then, majulah sukan untuk negara.


  1. betul ke biasanya sample B xkan berubah..kalo positive akan always stay positive.. sorry kalo salah


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