Happy Diwali


  1. My diwali wish to all the Hindus in Malaysia is to stand up to those leaders whom are gangsters and past criminals running political party.

    Bro Haresh, i really hope you will publish this comment.

    Politically Malaysian Indians are caught in a dangerous scenario where they are led by criminals and gangsters as their leaders. There were incidents like murder and threats taking place in the political party involving certain leaders. These criminals even holds positions in the government and political party. They are linked with the underworld, some of them are also elected as branch leaders in order to incite fear among the community as voters. This has been going on for almost three decade under our watchful eyes.

    I call upon all Malaysian to come forward and safe the Indian community from all these criminals and gangsters. The community can be saved if all the other major races in this country could come together to help them from this danger they're in. They really need the help of the other races to clean the party from these criminals and gangsters.

    I pray and seek the help of Allah to stop these criminals from holding positions and destroying the future of the Indian community in Malaysia.

    HSKL says: Allah please protect the Indian community from these criminals. Happy Diwali!


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