We have failed

As published in Mailsport today.

By Vijhay Vick    

PUTRAJAYA — Malaysian sport needs a massive change and this could lead to a revamp of the National Sports Council (NSC).

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin conceded the Commonwealth Games and the on-going Asian Games were a failure and could result in Malaysia’s worst performances in 20 years.

“We need to change. What that constitutes is to be decided. Any decisions made will be based on detailed reports,” said Khairy.

“The Commonwealth Games post-mortem was done and another will be conducted after the Asian Games. We have also got the Australian Institute of Sports to audit our four-year programme. The full report should be ready by January.”

It is learnt Khairy is already looking for individuals to fill key positions in NSC as the agency is tasked to look after elite athletes and their training programmes.

A special unit could be set-up to oversee programmes for the 2016 Olympics and 2018 Asian and Commonwealth Games.

Malaysia won six gold medals at the recent Glasgow Commonweath Games, a far cry from their 12 gold-medal haul recorded in New Delhi four years ago. It was their worst Commonwealth Games performance since winning only two gold medals at the 1994 edition in Canada.

Malaysia are also on course for their worst Asian Games outing since the four golds won at the Hiroshima edition in 1994. In Guangzhou, China four years ago, Malaysia won nine gold medals.

Khairy admitted it looked “almost impossible” for Malaysia to reach their eight-gold medal target in Incheon, South Korea.
With just three days remaining, Malaysia have only collected four gold medals and this included the disputed medal won by wushu exponent Tai Cheau Xuen, who has since tested positive for banned substances.

Malaysia are appealing the test results on grounds of technicality due to a break in the chain of custody over her urine sample.

A decision could be reached today.

“We still have medal prospects in diving, karate and bowling but it’s almost impossible to reach the target,” said Khairy

“The observation regarding our top line athletes are true. They are the same faces seen at previous editions.

“But if we were to look at deeper analysis, there were many new prospects. We saw our best performance ever in archery and sailing. There were male divers emerging with silver and bronze medals.”

But there were no heirs for badminton ace Lee Chong Wei, squash queen Nicol David and cyclists Azizulhasni Awang and Josiah Ng.


  1. Sir Khairy,
    We can bring in anybody to replace the present people whom are there but there will be no changes. This is a National problem. We have to change the National System to improve sports.I will give some brief ideas, and if there is a feedback, I will give more with my 35 years in sports as a player , coach, official , and a Sports Administrator
    1. Atheletes - Is there any credential stating that he has qualified to be in the National training . Example : If a 100 meters athelete who is in the elite training programme, how is he selected? It should be based on at least 4th placing time in the Sea Games. If he is in the Pelapis programme at least nearing the 8th placing time in the Sea Games based on the International World Under 19 timing.
    2. No Passion to take part and win - Feeding with money. Everything is money. Win then reimburse with money.
    3. Education. Atheletes given education is good but after getting it they don't continue training. They fake injuries and continue to get the scholarship and monetary aids. For MASUM, "The show must go on"
    4. Ministry of Education- Look into the P.E lessons ?PE Teachers?, MSSM "The Show must go on" No Quality.
    5. Ministry of Housing- Fields? Where can a child go an play? Learn from Australia / Holland. Friday to Sunday, its only Sports. Our Majlis Daerah should allow for free to use all the sports facilities . Develop a Sports Loving Nation. All the clubs have been demolished. TPCA/SCRC? School Fields taken over for development. Cochrane Road School Field now for LRT construction.
    6. Sports Schools- Is it necessary ?. Europeans and many Asian Countries no sports schools but still they excel in sports. Is it worth the money spent?
    Many thing we have to look into.

  2. Philosophical and Doctrine failures are the root cause of a flawed and spoiled nation building we're are facing today. The last three decades were most unfortunate for the people, we had to put up with all kinds of people along the way in our life. There were many people called leaders were put in places and given responsibilities they didn't deserve. Because of that, today, we're paying the price of a flawed and failed nation building.

    HSKL says: We have failed within...!

  3. Saya setuju dengan HSKAMAL. Orang pandai diluar , orang..... didalam.
    MSN tidak mengambil pekerja berkelulusan Sains Sukan. Di negara Cina, di Kompleks Sukan mereka , tukang sapu juga ada latarbelakang tentang sukan. Negara Cina memberi peluang kepada bekas Atlet yang berkurangan dalam pelajaran sebagai penghargaan untuk bekerja di fasiliti sukan.
    MSN mengambil kroni, itupun kalau ada Sains Sukan dari satu Universiti sahaja.
    Ketua mereka pun tidak ada latarbelakang tentang Sains Sukan dan berkelulusan lain tetapi memegang jawatan tinggi. Kenaikan pangkat bukan dari aspek akademi , misalnya seorang pegawai tanpa mempunyai ijazah boleh dari pangkat 27 dinaikan sampai 48. Ketua pegawai boleh naik pangkat tanpa pengalaman bekerja( Time Based) bila-bila masa. Disini tak perlu pendidikan. JPA dan KBS patut meniliti kenaikan pangkat ini.
    Pengambilan semua pekerja harus ada latarbelakang Sukan.


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