Major revamps in government sports agencies

As published in Malay Mail today. Above is the front page of today's paper.
PUTRAJAYA -- There will be a major revamp within the National Sports Council (NSC) to address the ailing national sports scene, said Khairy Jamaluddin.
The Youth and Sports minister confirmed the industry was in dire need to new leaders as those in position had been "riding on luck" in recent years.
Experts from the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) will be roped in to audit the situation and agencies within the ministry would see new faces as early as in January.
NSC is the funding arm of the ministry and is also responsible for the elite training programme of national athletes. 
"We need a new approach and ideally new people too," said Khairy, after launching the Rembau Challenge at the ministry yesterday.
"For the national sports association it is left to them to decide. But change will come for the bodies under my watch such as the National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Sports Institute (NSI).
"The legacy of Jaya '98 is over and we have been riding on luck in recent years. We need something fresh to move forward," he said.
On Wednesday, Mailsports reported that Khairy was already on the look out for personnel to fill key positions in the NSC after poor outings at the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, that concludes today.
Malaysia won six gold medals in Glasgow, a far cry from the 12 gold-medal haul at the New Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010. Today, the national contingent end their Asian Games outing with five gold medals, three short of their target. 
For the record, Malaysia won nine gold medals at the last Asiad in Guangzhou, China, four years ago. 
The Jaya '98 programmes, launched under then NSC director-general Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad in 1993, bore success after Malaysia won 10 gold medals at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur.
It was followed by the Gemilang 2001 programme, which saw Malaysia coming out tops in the 2001 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games, bagging a record 111 gold medals.
Mazlan also initiated the Gemilang 2006 programme and started developing plans for the 2010 Commonwealth and Asian Games before retiring in 2005.
He was succeeded by Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz (2005-2007) and Datuk Seri Zolkples Embong (2007-present).
It is learnt the ministry would also initiate a similar programme to chart the fortunes of our athletes for the 2018 Commonwealth and Asian Games. The task force would also oversee the athletes' preparations for the 2017 SEA Games.
On Tuesday, Khairy conceded the nation was relying on the same faces including the likes of shuttler Lee Chong Wei, squash queen Nicol David and cyclists Josiah Ng and Azizulhasni Awang in international competitions.


  1. Dear Bro Haresh,

    Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words.

    Our entire sports went to the graveyard on the day Datuk Wira Mazlan was retired.
    The clowns who took over after him wore political coats and behaved like IMF funders.Never was there a moment they failed to bask in glory at the expense of our poor sports persons' occasional success.....ever ready to splash their ugly faces for cameras.Look at the way they dealt with world class coaches like Park Joo Bong, Rexy, Frost and the others who came to our shores to help raise our standards.Now we can see Japan and Indonesia going great guns in badminton.Our loss was someone else' gain. The same can be said about Terry Walsh in hockey.
    These shameless officials expect overnight results.How can that happen with the material at our disposal.
    In fact the performance of our sepak takraw zombies somewhat paints a true picture of our country's overall sports standard.

    I don't think much will happen with all these calls for changes and revamps.It all appears like political talk lah bro
    Just recall the recent wushu scandal......they started to roar like tigers when the news broke out.The integrity of the doping body was questioned (they bandied about with their newly learnt word "chain of custody" ), then we heard they would not want to return the gold medal, then we heard an ageing official saying the doped Sea Games medal was just returned, lepas itu we heard someone say there are no rules to return such tainted medals.
    Now what ? All these people have become pussy cats after reality hit them hard on their thick skulls .
    I am no Oxford grad (just a 1971 MCE grade 3 holder) but me thinks the solution to bring back the glory days of our sports glaringly lies at the door steps of our schools. I hour each day at the fields by all primary/ lower secondary school students monitored by dedicated teachers is a sure way of a good start.
    Tak payah bring in experts from Down Under or elsewhere.
    Revive the inter- house, inter school, inter district and inter state competitions...this was our bed rock and some of the records produced by these sportsmen/women still stands.Just try google ACS school Ipoh and their annual will see the records for 100m, 200m,400m,800m and other events astonishing......and they were all set on grass tracks.
    As Eric Samuel says.....the schools is where it all began.

    Peminat Sukan JB

    1. Good observation from an MCE 3rd grader. We still have schools trying to excel in sports, sports schools that is at state & national level. The problem is that esp. in national sports schools, the amount of indiscipline going on there is incredible esp. smoking & theft. BJSS is being administered poorly with the principal, being a former athlete herself doesn't understand the objectives of a sports school. In certain sports, parents are reluctant to send their kids to national sports schools anymore because their kids come back worst off in terms of discipline, personality & performance. So, all the talents they are getting now are the 2nd & 3rd graders, wasting time & public funds. Talking about public funds, KPM is hugely to be blamed for the ills plaguing the national sports schools as they are more interested in spending big $ to host low grade tournaments, case in point being the Asian schools hockey tournament in Ipoh last Aug where it was reported that KPM spent $1.8 mil to organise that sub standard tournament with the likes of Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc. In the final Malaysia beat Singapore 10-0, so you can imagine the ridiculously poor standard of hockey on display. SPRM should seriously investigate the obscene amount spent for the tournament & bring the culprits in for wasting tax payers $ in this time of hard ship & price increase.

      MCE 2nd grader

  2. I doubt we have it in us anymore, bro !

    KJ , can say whatever measures , but the realities are its not there anymore. Whoever we wish to bring in to replace the current people are also the same. They are also from the flawed system, so how can we be sure that things will change and improve?
    Thinking that by making changes to the people at NSC and NSI alone can bring about the desired results,? surely no !
    Because for far too long we've failed trying to do it. It is simply because competition is not balanced with cooperation.
    Worst still, lately the deputy minister of sports only realized that the Tamil schools need to have sports teachers to improve sports - i wonder from where Saravanan, got this brilliant and rare idea which nobody had all this while - hahaha

    We should be ashamed of ourselves for not knowing what Saravanan brilliantly knew - ayoh-yoh anneh, pls don't make a fool of your self, with your comedies lah, bro. We all knew it long long time already lah.

    HSKL says: You can fool people sometimes (the not knowing) but you can't fool them all the time(the knowing)

  3. The problem started when full time training started . The athletes were complecent as they were getting a fat cheque every month. No one monitors their training programme. The coaches are scared as their paymasters NSC have control. Do away with the full time training. Have regular competitions to monitor the sportsmen and sportswomen. Then you can see dedication and commitment

  4. Study and impliment carefully what China and US do to their sport programs, but not copy cat 100%


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