Dei Yennada!

I was at the organising committee meeting press conference at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on Monday. I remember the committee stating that 30,000 tickets will be handed to Negri Sembilan and Kelantan respectively and that the balance - if any - together with additional tickets - if required - will be sold at the venue on Saturday itself till the gates open at 4pm.

I flipped back my notebook to double check the facts.

Just 5 minutes ago I received a phone call asking me why are there so many fans queuing up to buy tickets at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya. Apparently none of the 'ahli jawatankuasa tiket' are around.

Can someone please explain the truth? Dei, yennada!!!

HD says
: Good to see tickets snapping up like pan-cakes but I don't know of any ticket sales being done at Wisma FAM.


  1. Sampai kena panggil Polis Bro. Ini lah FAM, sendiri punya polisi tak tahu ikut tapi nak gantung jurulatih yang persoalkan keputusan bodoh.

    They cant even differentiate between Policy and an idiotic decision.


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