Name dropping 2 - The 'hero' returns

I hate it when someone says...

"Oh I play golf with so and so."


"Oh I had tea with this big timer you know."


"This are the instructions of this VVIP's wife ok, if you don't believe me you can call her."

Rumour has it that the officials in the BA of Malaysia are subject to such "abuses", as published in today's Mailsports.

If true, I pity the officials - from the office bearers to the administrators - who have to make do with such name dropping.

But then again, this is quite common in Malaysia - where several government officials were said to have attended the just concluded New Delhi Commonwealth Games with Media passes while an individual - who claims he is connected to the whole wide world - was at the Games with an official pass.

Is that true? If yes, I wonder who..hmmmmm.

HD says: Don't bother trying to pull a name dropping stunt on me :)


  1. I was speaking to Sir Alex Ferguson about exactly the same thing just last week.

  2. LOL akerss...

    But i actually had this conversation with Shakira in bed last night? wink wink.... ;)


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