SOS indeed.

My heart goes out to Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Sultan Sharafuddin is not only an avid motorcycle fan but also an avid football fan and keeps close tabs over the Red Giants. I know this for a fact as Sultan Sharafuddin's private aide Kelvin Ong usually calls or SMS-es me for the team's latest results.

I also know for the fact that Sultan Sharafuddin was hoping that the high and mighty Merah Kuning outfit could net the Malaysia Cup title this season. That failed to materialised after Kelantan blasted three goals past Selangor in the return leg of the quarter finals in Kota Baru on Friday (Selangor held Kelantan to a 0-0 draw in the first leg).

Barely 24 hours later, Selangor - whereby the players were clearly not in the right frame of mind after the defeat - received a 6-0 annihilation against Singapore in the Sultan of Selangor's (SOS) Cup on Saturday.

I must agree with Rizal Hashim, it should have been organised at a better timing.

Personally, the running of the SOS does not reflect the true enthusiasm of Tuanku. It could have been organised better.

The lack of build up and coverage by the local dailies says it all. In fact, my good friend from the blogsphere, Po Hui of Singapore-based took the effort to come all the way to Shah Alam and covered the match for his blog.

HD says: Perhaps the organisers could start singing Abba's SOS and get some real help. Hoping for a more exciting edition next year.


  1. Hi Haresh,

    Sorry wasn't able to meet up while up there..

    While I'm not in the position to comment anything, but I do agree with Mr Rizal Hashim's thought that it should have been organised at a better timing.

    While taking some shots at the main game, one could easily talk the fatigue of the home side.

    My take on that

  2. Interesting take...especially on the organisation.

    read this too:


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