Ministry explains.

“We have not cancelled the airing of the football matches. It is just that we are still in the midst of negotiating the right price with Astro,”

That was the reaction I got from Information, Communications and Culture Ministry deputy secretary-general Dr Rothiah Omar.

Read the full story in today's The Malay Mail here.

This came about after Rizal Hashim had first highlighted the matter in his blog, RTM - Rais Tak Minat.

To be fair, Dr Rothiah is not the decision maker of this matter as I was told there is a "committee that oversees such negotiations". Also, the soft-spoken Dr Rothiah ought to be credited for her prompt reply on the matter.

All I know is that such matters should have been ironed out prior the season started. Not everyone enjoys Astro and those who do can't watch anything when it rains. The fact remains that RTM1 is a more reliable channel and is available to all.

HD says:
Business deals and egos aside, the fans deserve the best.


  1. You might want to read this entry on Sokernet :

    'Business deals and egos aside, the fans deserve the best' - True indeed!


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