What's wrong with The Malay Mail?

That was what some Sports Ministry officials had supposedly said in a meeting recently.

I presume this has something to do with the Road to London 2012 programme which was highlighted in the Paper That Cares recently.

I was not at the meeting obviously, so I cannot confirm if such was indeed said. I could be wrong.

All I know is that there is a new and effective way of gagging reporters - logo buys!

Oh well. It's all about $$$ eh.

HD says: Org kuat merajuk no class la.


  1. the day after Frankie's article, a proposal from al amin landed on the sports minister's desk ... asking for $$$ for ads/logo buys to help support the road to london campaign in red berry group.

  2. Well anon, it would be nice if you could identify yourself.

    And like i said, I guess it's all about $$$ these days huh.


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