Contrasting tales

Olympic coach Ong Kim Swee passed his first major test as his side edged 10-men Pakistan 2-0 in the first leg of the Asian Zone pre-Olympic qualifier at Shah Alam yesterday.

Yet there seem to be contrasting tales of the national team's performance last night.

The NST said "Malaysia in control". The Star reported "Malaysia down Pakistan in lop-sided Pre-Olympic opener."

Berita Harian, however, believed "Malaysia persia banyak peluang".

Harian Metro's headline was "Hanya dua goal."

My take on the was a Fair ending for the Malaysians.

Pix by Abdul Razak Ghazali, The Malay Mail.

HD says: Love listening to the likes of Pakistani singers Saieen Zahoor, Noori and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan.


  1. ironically, some of the writers who seems like ungrateful with the achievement are malays. thats something to think bout. nice post Haresh.

  2. thanks for highlighting cos' they certainly confused me. managed to catch the game live (i make it a point to catch our local football games at the stadium), but i'm the kind who still have a hard time telling whether a player's offside or not. and so naturally i would still have to rely on post-match reviews from different newspapers.

    true they wasted a lot of opportunities but i thought the team managed to keep the momentum going for the whole 90 minutes. it was certainly fun to watch. i guess what's lopsided are the reporters' views.


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