Gymnasium woes

Food for thought.

Feb 4th, 2010 (Mailsports) - NSC in the soup - again!

Based on the 2008 AG's report:

"After the dissolution of Arkitek Juarareka (for the NSC Gymnasium 3 upgrading works), Ismail Hashim Architect took over the consultancy role under the name of the former and continued to render services with a consultation fee amounting to RM1.88 million.

NSC had paid RM1.33 million to Arkitek Juarareka up to Nov 2008."

July 20th, 2010 (Mailsports) - Ministry dismissed 'fishy' notion with NSC gymnasium tender process.

Based on the tender list:

"Based on the list (of bidders to supply and install gymnasium equipment in Gymnasium 3), the quotations ranged from RM1,625,873.45 to RM4,963,007."

With the figures available, that's about RM4 million, at the very least, for upgrading the NSC Gymnasium 3.

How come it is still incomplete?

Read K.Rajan's report in today's Mailsports.

UPDATE (Feb 24, 2011 - 11.40am): NSC gym to be ready before Sea Games, claims Abdul Razak Yusof. Read it here.
HD says: Sigh...


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