Walk like an Egyptian?

I know this is old talk to some. In fact, an apparent 'unrest' by NST journalists together with the supposed letter was even posted here almost a month back.

Nevertheless, many are still not aware of it.

A letter was apparently written to the CEO Anthony Bujang (pic) about the "...sorry state of affairs on the editorial floor of the NST." (para 2)

Among the four points of contention highlighted in the letter are "serious lack of leadership", "severe lack of attention to the needs and welfare of the bureau staff", "favouritism" and "plunging circulation figure".

A fellow journo from NST confirmed the contents of the letter and even mentioned the two names linked in the letter which I will not state for obvious reasons.

Guess such unrest is not only seen in Egypt huh.

I've yet to meet Anthony but I was told that he is a "down to earth guy" and an "employee friendly" boss during his early days in NST. Hopefully, he'll be able to play hero?

HD says: A good eye-opener for the Media bosses eh.


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