Malaysia loses to Taiwan - in hockey! (and some AFF updates)

While some of us may still be reeling from the national football team's 1-1 draw against Bangladesh, here's another shocker in the sports scene.

The Malaysian hockey team went down 3-2 to Taiwan in the 4th AHF Indoor tournament in Thailand.

Read 'What a disgrace' for the full story.

Apparently it is not the national team but the Armed Forces representing the country


Second chance for Azamuddin
National football coach K.Rajagobal replaces injured Zaquan Adha Abdul Radzak by recalling Pahang player Azamuddin Mohd Akil for the opening match against Singapore in the AFF Cup on Sunday.

PM boosts players' morale
Prime Minister Najib Razak visited the national players ahead of their AFF Cup campaign.

Apex to tie the knot on Dec 28
National goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (pic) had, during a press conference yesterday, revealed his marriage plans with  Nur Eilunie Natasha Nazri or better known as Leuniey Natasha in Pasir Pekan, Tumpat, Kelantan on Dec 28. Shouldn't such an announcement be made after the AFF Cup?

No thank you coach
Terengganu's Zubir Azmi and Nik Shahrul Azim from Kelantan will not be joining Ong Kim Swee's Harimau Muda team next season.

It is believed that Zubir is comfortable staying put in Kuala Terengganu while Nik Shahrul is set to play an important role in protecting the Red Warrior's fort as experienced defender S.Subramaniam is still out of action.

HD says: Hmm....


  1. AHF : I'm more interested in asking - who chose ATM?

    Azzamuddin : Kenapa bukan Farhan? Sudah tak mahu eksperimen?...

    PM Visits : He should have slap Rajagopal for wasting public money - literally

    Apek : Dah sampai masa

    Zubir : No info, No comment - Nowadays Che Mat Jusoh just kept quiet.

    Nik Shahrul Azim : Haresh boleh tanya Bojan. Bojan sendiri yang mahu Shahrul Azim kekal di TRW.

    I believe, the plan is to do better, if not at par, in AFC. And in Malaysia, of course.

    Did you know that KAFA had lost 3 sponsors already due to Mat Yo moving out?


  2. I'm sure readers would have notice the common denominator of the above two associations.

    Pak Nik


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