MOE allows Form Six to play

Education Ministry sports unit head Ee Hong (pic) replied to Mailsport's query about a form six student not being allowed to play in the on-going KL schools under-18 inter-zone hockey meet - as highlighted here.

Dear Haresh,

You are right regarding students aged 18-21 can participate in zone and state level tournaments. MSSM rule3.1.1.4, it states that, “Murid yang berumur lebih daripada 18 tahun tetapi kurang daripada 21 tahun boleh mengambil bahagian di peringkat sekolah, daerah, dan negeri sahaja”.

We have contacted our counterpart in MSSKL and informed them about this rule.

The folks in the KL schools sports council (MSSKL) will have some explaining to do.

Here's a comment by a reader KCNR;

"The MOE has their own sports policy . They feel they are the "experts" in sports development and what they are doing is the best for development. Mind you, there are more sports qualified non-teachers outside MOE and still MOE boast that they have their own experts to look into their own affairs. Ask Ee Hong whether she has a data base of the qualified coaches in all sports at MOE or the respective State MSSPP. The National Pengerusi Teknik (PT)appointed by MOE of which some are lesser qualified than the ones at the district level. Just check with MOE how many of them had met the requirements to be recognised as PT. Basically many are appointed on cronyism not merit. So what you expect when people like this want to head and run sports development in the country...."

HD says: Hope someone could shed some light over KCNR's views.


  1. MOE should be allowed to govern and regulated within their means and their rules, so long it if for the better interest of the student. AS long as he/she is a student then they have to follow the system.

    I do battle at state level bout the usage of Technical Official and Umpires, the necessity to allow non teacher coaches to lend their expertise to school teams.

    The problems lies when the floodgates open, it not easy to regulate outsiders in a school environment. Its not just a matter of coaching but the responsibility, safety and conduct of the student falls under the teacher in charge in and out of school when on school activities.

    True they may not have the best PT as head of the state and there maybe one better qualified at district level but which sport in Malaysia does not face that dilemma. Are the best coaches in every sport selected at states levels?

    For an example can a school gardener (kakitangan jabatan) more experienced, better qualified, coach a school/district/state team?

    Not trying to open a can of worms but a look at SUKMA vs MSSM vs Asean schools

    Back to the ORI story, I still stand by and say student should be allowed. Individuals who make up rules and apply them are in the same box as those who advocate inter-school should be nothing more then a carnival aka cukup syarat

  2. Little Napoleons in Bahagian Sukan; rule the roost......It's all about getting the job done. We have been independent since 1957; have the MSSM events ever been evaluated. Check the number of experts (regardless of qualification) we have in Bahagian Sukan MOE!

  3. I have a proven methodology and system related to developing soccer at grass-root level. I also have the qualification to coach soccer at grass-root level. Lately i, offered my service to unit sukan W.Persekutuan by talking to an officer in-charge. Sadly i was told by the officer that MOE only consider teachers as sports coaches for schools.

    The method and system which i applied in my under12 programs for almost 15 years has been successful. I have produced many young players for the states(KL & SEL) even some made it to the sports schools.

    So, pls somebody tell me why people like us are not given the role to develop sports at schools level?

    Once I had the privilege to meet Dato Dr. Ramlan Aziz, during his time at ISN followed by Tan Sri Professor Khoo Kay Kim, and shared my method and researches. Dato Dr. Ramlan, fully agreed and was kind enough to issue me a supporting letter. As for Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, i proposed to conduct a forum related to 'OUR SOCIETIES ROLE IN SPORTS'.
    I received a very good respond from Tan Sri, and he assured me to be part of it(forum)

    Can anybody help me out here or still not good enough?

  4. There are many experts in Umpiring , Coaching and Technical field where there are teachers used by MHC but not by MOE. Some of the PT dont even know the rules.
    Please select the correct people or else the MOE will be left behind


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