No sixth formers for inter-zone meet. What is the rationale?

The KL schools under-18 hockey inter state competition starts today.

However, it is already marred with problems as SMK Maxwell are not allowed to field their only Form Six player.

The question is neither about the school nor the player. It is to why a sixth former is deprived from playing in a school tournament.

After all, it is clearly stated in the 'peraturan am' of the national schools council's (MSSM) regulation that a Form Six student is able to play in the zone and inter-zone meets but not the national level competition.

What about the supposed 10 per cent merit a sixth former is supposed to obtain from co-curricular activities for his possible entry to a local varsity? Does this mean that a student need to only play a handful matches for the school at the zone level and thus he or she automatically obtains the 10 per cent?

Why the differing rules? Shouldn't the MSSM rule stand?

Doesn't this go against the Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's 1Student 1Sport policy?

Perhaps the decision is to create an even playing field. So what happens to lower and upper six athletes? They only play a handful of matches each year and what next?

Education Ministry (MoE) sports unit head Ee Hong "promised to revert" regarding the matter. The author still awaits for her reply.

The Malaysian Hockey Confederation assured they will raise this matter with the representatives from MoE in their next Council meeting.

Also, it is learnt the organisers are not too keen of having 'outside' coaches (ie non teachers) to be at the sidelines. If true, why so?

What if the school has no dedicated or qualified coach and a parent decides to take up the responsibility for the love of the game only to be told that he or she needs to watch his team from the stands? Is that fair for the parent and the team?

If the 'foriegn' coach is deemed to "difficult" then lodge a report to the school and let the school authorities handle the matter. Wouldn't that be the proper way of handling matters?

Read the full report in today's Mailsport.

HD says: Are the other teams so threatened by just one player? Are the organisers so threatened by another coach?


  1. These evil practices has usurped into sports. Schoolchildren are not spared. Unfair practices are widely acceptable and practiced among the teachers involved in organizing district schools sports competitions. At a recent badminton competition in a district in Petaling, the organizers even selected 8 players to directly enter into the quarterfinals stage without lifting their rackets!

  2. The MOE has their own sports policy . They feel they are the "experts" in sports development and what they are doing is the best for development. Mind you , there are more sports qualified non-teachers outside MOE and still MOE boast that they have their own experts to look into their own affairs. Ask Ee Hong whether she has a data base of the qualified coaches in all sports at MOE or the respective State MSSPP. The National Pengerusi Teknik ( PT )appointed by MOE of which some are lesser qualified than the ones at the district level. Just check with MOE how many of them had met the requirements to be recognised as PT . Basically many are appointed on cronyism not merit. So what you expect when people like this want to head and run sports development in the country. Let's see what happens after 5 May. God bless all .



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