Sultan Ahmad: "I'm in no rush"

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) exco meeting held yesterday was an anti-climax of sorts.

Many, including several officials, were anticipating the announcement of the new general-secretary who will replace Azzuddin Ahmad next month.

However, FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah told the Media he was in "no rush" and wanted to find a "physically fit" individual who will occupy the hot seat.

Without doubt Azzuddin is one fit former army general. Having played football with him, Azzuddin can put most of us to shame on the field.

It remains to be clear if Selangor FA general-secretary Hamidin Amin will sit in the secretariat as highly speculated. In fact, Hamidin's name made its rounds when former deputy minitster Ibrahim Saad left Wisma FAM but was replaced by Azzuddin instead.

For the record, Hamidin is also FAM vice president and the competition committe chairman.

Wth the nation bracing for the 13th General Election, this will give Sultan Ahmad and his advisors time to sit down and consider their options. Also, Sultan Ahmad may get input from his son FAM deputy president Tengku Abdullah who is highly tipped to take over his father's role.

The lobbying wil continue, some more evident than others. What is hoped for is that FAM gets a professional who had good management and adminstration skills.

HD says: oh well...


  1. Dear HD,
    Is FAM a family thingy? We had enough of PKR and DAP being a family party!!!

  2. Hallo...UMNO / MCA also a family party...What the heck...Let's talk sport only la here...leave politics out.


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