TMJ quits as Johor FA president

Johor Prince Tunku Ismail Ibrahim has quit as Johor FA president after helming the association slightly over a year.

His presence in the scene raised eyebrows due to the manner he was made president and was seen at the sidelines which is only restricted to accredited personnel.

Money, and lots of it, was spent on getting some of the best players in town. Under his leadership, the management decided to change Super League club Johor FC as Darul Takzim FC while Premier League outfit Johor FA remained the same. Former Singapore international Fandi Ahmad was hired to guide the southern team.

There was also the 'spat' between Johor FA and Kelantan.

He spoke publicly about match-fixing in the league and even claimed a police officer was involved. Tunku Ismail spoke his mind and shared his views with the author as reported here.
However, Tunku Ismail's comments, lambasting FAM's attitude in combating match-fixing and the poor refereeing standards did not come down well with the FA of Malaysia (FAM). Tunku Ismail was slapped with a six-month suspension and he accepted the decision.

Tunku Ismail, nevertheless, was seen sitting at the sidelines during Darul Takzim FC's match against Terengganu on April 30. This certainly caught FAM in a sticky situation based on their reaction. FAM secretary general Azzuddin Ahmad kept mum while his assistant who was also the match-commission had gone on record to say that "FAM will investigate if Tunku Ismail was seated at the sidelines as Johor FA president or in his capacity as TMJ."

The rule book clearly states no person without accreditation is allowed to seat on the bench.

And now Tunku Ismail has decided that he will manage Johor FA better by playing patron. This has somehow comforted fears as many begin to wonder if the association will continue to enjoy the lavish funding and backing they have been receiving.

Tunku Ismail has been given a dosage of reality. There were many others who tried but decided to call it quits instead.

Rules are made for a reason and rules apply to all. One must always remember that a bad law is still law until repealed or ammended.

HD says: All the best Tunku Ismail!


  1. Lebih menarik lagi :


    2.Shahidan Kasim komen tentang isu rasuah - ADA TINDAKAN?

    3.Annuar Musa komen tentang mutu Harimau Malaya - ADAKAH LANGKAH YANG DIAMBIL? KALAH PIALA AFF SUZUKI ADALAH.

    Adakah ini bermakna komen mereka bertiga itu tidak benar?

    Saya rasa, tindakan terbaik TMJ dan Annuar Musa (Shahidan Kasim sekarang jadi penasihat juga ke?) balun wakil FA masing-masing di FAM dan tukarkan kepada yang boleh diharapkan.

    Unless there will be another twist that I did not know.

    Sempena cadangan ini, saya nak ajak penyokong TRW - tukarkan mentera JUDIN dan MIDIN kepada nama orang yang mewakili KAFA ke FAM.


  2. all these people are from the state FAs. They should go to FAM coucil and voice their opinions there

    1. You voice openly, you get a ban and nothing happen to complain. You voice behind close door, you sncerely believe anything going to move?

      So much easier to sweep under the carpet.

      Some of the reps in FAM had been there far too long. If they cannot stop the executives from overpowering the council, best they let themselves be replace by someone who have the balls.

      p/s I hate the fact that the "chief judge" in FAM is a Kelantanese.

      p/s HD, (since pengulas Astro sekarang suka bincang isu performance yoyo di MSL, saya baru semak jadual liga jiran-jiran asean kita di Hanya di Malaysia, sibuk sangat dengan 2 games setiap minggu. Kecuali Indonesia yang kadang-kadang ada 2 games seminggu (tetapi bukan sepanjang musim). Manakala di Singapore, main hari apa pun tak kesah, janji ada ruang hari antara perlawanan. Sihat ke amalan kita di Malaysia ni. - you can check it your self, aspecially those asean countries with higher ranking.


  3. Suatu langkah yg bijak dan mulia drp TMJ. Harapan saya adalah agar pihak istana dan politik yg lain dpt ikut jejak TMJ yg mulia dan murni ini...

    Langkah2 seperti ini dpt membuka satu dimensi baru yg di harapkan untuk memajukan sukan b.sepak tanpa adanya apa2 birokrasi dan halangan.

    Kedaulatan dan kemuliaan mesti sentiasa diutamakan untuk kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran...dAULAT TUANKU!!


  4. Yes, Everybody who watched the Johor v Kelantan match on Astro saw TMJ sitting at the team bench.
    What is there to investigate? If FAM want to take action, the evidence is there for all to see.
    Whether FAM want to dilly dally for whatever reason, we can only guess.
    So before FAM can do anything, TMJ quit as President.
    As usual, FAM is very slow to act. When there is something to act upon, FAM should be quick to act. Before they can act on the Rajagopal issue, up comes this TMJ issue. Then there is the Peter Butler issue on referees. Issues are building up but action is very slow by FAM. Apparently, (as usual) FAM officials always say they have to wait for reports etc. before they can act.
    We wait to see what will happen!

    1. Correction Dude, it was JDT vs Terengganu


    2. Right you are! Apologies.

  5. Guys, don't be so naive. TMJ stepped down as PBNJ's President so that he can still sit on the bench in his capacity as the Crown Prince of Johor. But in the first place, can anyone other than the players, coaches and/or team manager sit on the bench?FAM, please lay down the rule!!!

    Pak Nik


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