Rajagobal was "misqouted", escapes penalty

Embedded image permalinkIt looks like national coach K.Rajagobal will now have plenty of time to focus on the national team's preparation for their remaining matches of the Asian Cup qualifiers.

To prove the conspiracy theories wrong, the FA of Malaysia (FAM) is not eager to give Rajagobal the boot - yet. This is evident as the disciplinary committee found that several dailies had "misquoted" Rajagobal after the national team lost 4-1 to Saudi Arabia in a friendly match last month.

The dailies had apparently quoted Rajagobal as saying that the local strikers are lacking in quality due to the presences of import players.

Nevertheless, the committee had "advised" Rajagobal to be careful when issuing statements to the Press in the future.

So careful Rajagobal has become that he kept on saying "no comments" after facing the disciplinary at Wisma FAM yesterday. Well, he was caught on camera smiling, nevertheless.

Efforts to contact Rajagobal proved futile. Guess he was just being "careful" not to speak to the Press.

Here's hoping such episodes will not turn off coaches from speaking to the Media.

Pic courtesy of Sports247.my

HD says: Guess school coaches have more to say these days than national coaches.


  1. Ternyata RAJAGOBAL sungguh KEBAL!!!

    What do you expect from FAM. Selective prosecution!! I remember vividly what Rajagobal said on TV3 that "the local strikers are lacking in quality due to the presences of import players" or something to that effect. I bet the Disciplinary Committee have received instruction from higher-up not to prosecute Rajagobal as this would hamper the preparation of national team in pre-Asia Cup.

    Whilst I do not agree with FAM's policy of not allowing its officials to criticize them but as long as the Articles (88 or 81 or whatever) are still there, you must enforce it fairly as a matter of principle.

    Pak Nik


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