TMJ back as Johor FA president; Fifa calls it 'internal matter'

It was a short meeting at the Pahang palace in KL and Tunku Ismail Ibrahim left immediately after.

FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah later revealed to the Media that Tunku Ismail - who is the crown prince of Johor - will stay put as Johor FA president.

Tunku Ismail, through a press release on April 3, stated his intention of relinquishing his post.

Also revealed during the press conference that Tunku Ismail was handed a warning letter by the Disciplinary Board last week after he was seen at the bench during the Darul Takzim-Terengganu match at the Larkin Stadium last month despite still serving his 6-month suspension for violating FAM's Article 88.

As for the statement made by FAM requesting members of the Press to "be careful" when reporting about Tunku Ismail and that they received "instruction from the palace", world governing body Fifa described it as an "internal matter" - as per their email to the author.

Read all this and more in today's Mailsport.

HD says: Hmm.....


  1. I really thought hard about commenting...

  2. JOURNALISTS........Do you accept this.....what happened to your intergrity, honesty, responsibility....without fear or favor....It's so easy to attack a referee, school teacher, government official, sports association....but now you must tred with care....Any journalist has the scrotal gumption to explain the next course of action; by Sportswriters Association of Malaysia maybe?

  3. Sports reporter's life has definitely changed towards "a puzzling future" for both media personnel and sports itself. Too many "low thinking" sensational stories by local sports media; in the end of it all, they will get quotes from the FAM president saying .."everything is okay" or something obvious from the Sports Minister like: ..."perkara ini tidak harus berlaku, kita perlu kaji semula..." haha...many more actually!


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