A life saved, another dies

UPDATE (Aug 2, 11.25am): Suicide wannabe to get psychiatric help - again, as published in The Malay Mail today.


It was an evening I will never forget.

It was an evening (July 31) where I traded my journalistic skills to play negotiator as a man was about to jump off from the 15th floor of a condominium block in Petaling Jaya.

It was where I managed to calm the man and myself down and after an hour long conversation, I quickly pulled him off the ledge before he was arrested by cops.

Read about the drama in The Malay Mail today.

Several hours later, I received news about the tragic death national hockey player Chua Boon Huat (pic).

The man needs no introduction as he is a household name in the country.

Boon Huat died after his car crashed into a lorry along the LDP, as reported here.

This incident comes hardly four days after the nation lost another athlete, basketball star Jacky Ng who died on Sunday.

HD says: A day filled with mixed emotions. Rest in peace Boon Huat, for you will be missed.


  1. RIP Chua Boon Huat..one of the finest..we will miss u..

  2. RIP Chua Boon Huat..one of the finest..we will miss u..

  3. Well done for saving a life, man.

  4. May God bless you Haresh. Keep up writing!!


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