Barca match poser

More doubts are cast over the Malaysia-FC Barcelona match held last Saturday which could see Fifa’s intervention over the fiasco.

It remains unclear as to who was authorised to bring the team to Kuala Lumpur.

Checks on Fifa’s website revealed only three registered match agents — Miroslav Bozik, E.R. Subramaniam and Abdul Razak Salam Salah — are based in Malaysia.

Apparently, BSC Soccer Malaysia Sdn Bhd were named “exclusive promoters” for the Spanish giant’s tour in Malaysia by the club. The letter was signed off by FC Barcelona marketing commercial-area director Laurent Colette.

BSC Soccer managing director Effendi Jagan is a Fifa registered player’s agent and not a match agent. His name is only registered with Fifa as a players agent.

According to Fifa’s regulations, a team must be brought into the country by a match-agent while a player’s agent is responsible for the transfer of players between clubs. However, a foreign based match agent is allowed to bring the team in.

Effendi, however, downplayed the role of the match-agent.

“Barcelona only needed a Malaysian company. So it’s ok,” said Effendi.

He confirmed event management company Fat Boys managed the event.

Read more in Mailsport today.

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