'Illogical' exam system

The Agrotat System, introduced by the Education Ministry, needs to be reviewed as student athletes seem to be at the losing end.

National hockey junior team manager Mirnawan Nawawi said students are left in the lurch due to the “illogical” requirements attached to the system.

The Agrotat System is similar to the school-based assessment system where a student’s achievement is assessed, graded and recorded throughout the year. Student athletes representing the nation are required to apply to the examination syndicate to be evaluated under the system.

They, however, are only subjected to such a system only if they are competing abroad during the examination period. If they return to the country on the same day of the examination, they are required to sit for the paper.

“You don’t expect a student, who has played a series of top flight matches, to rush to school to sit for his paper the minute he touches down in the country? Where’s the logic in that?” said Minarwan.

“The athlete will be mentally drained. This may also scare parents from allowing their children to represent the nation as there is no assurance they will obtain their SPM certificate if a tournament is held during the examination period.”

Read more in Mailsport today.

HD says: If a student lands in KLIA at 6am and there is a paper at 9am, the student athlete is required to sit for that paper. That's Agrotat for you.


  1. yeah...illogical indeed...someone needs to tell this to our "brilliant" education minister


  2. "Brilliant Education Minister """ who ???? History always repeat itself. KPM should not be governed by politicians but strictly by academician . I rest my case.


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