Barca poser - the truth please!

I received several phone calls yesterday regarding the backpage report 'Match or player agent?' that appeared in The Malay Mail.

One woke me up by raising his voice and telling me never to contact him again.

Several others called me to justify the roles played by the FA of Malaysia (FAM), BSC Soccer Sdn Bhd and event management company Fat Boys.

None, however, answered my question - who was the link between Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur?

Here are the questions which I hope will be answered either through the documents which the Sports Commissioner Office will receive today or at the FAM Congress at the Royal Chulan Hotel.

1. Who brought FC Barcelona to KL since FAM were unaware of their trip to KL in the beginning?
    Note: Sinar Harian report (March 6, 2013)
    Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) kurang berpuas hati dengan tindakan wakil Barcelona FC yang menghebahkan kedatangan kelab bola sepak Sepanyol itu tanpa merujuk kepada mereka terlebih dahulu.

2.  Who was the main link, or in proper football terms, the match-agent for the match as per Fifa's regulation:
      Art. 15: If no arrangements have been made directly between clubs and/or national associations, the latter shall, in principle, only authorise matches organised by authorised agents.

3.  If FAM insists they are the organiser, then how can they not know the team is coming in the first place (refer to question 1)?

4. Why didn't BSC Soccer or FAM reveal the true situation when asked as per back page story published on Aug 16, 2013?

5. What is the extent of Fat Boys' involvement in this event? Were they in-charge of security?

6. Is the concerned party aware of these articles - 'You let everyone down, BSC Soccer', 'I was assaulted' and 'Money down the drain' before kicking up a fuss about the poser over the match agent?

7.  Why no official statement from the parties concerned despite several requests especially by yours truly?

8. If, let's say, there is no need for a match-agent and since FAM is the organiser, shouldn't the fans now demand refunds from the national body instead of the company. Refer to NST report Aug 16, 2013:

BSC Soccer Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Effendi Jagan Abdullah apologised for the inconvenience experienced by fans and said a refund could be obtained by writing in to the company.

9. Why weren't the concerned parties forthcoming in the first place?

10. Since match agents are not "necessary", can I bring Bangladesh team Sheikh Russel KC to play KL in an exhibition match at the Cheras Stadium next year? I'll only tell FAM about it after I've dealt with the Dhaka-based club and hope they will sanction the match. I admit in advance I AM NOT a player agent or a match agent. I am sincerely asking if this is possible?

Note: The author is ONLY interested in the truth, as to how this whole deal came about. Period.

HD says: Now for some HONEST answers please.


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