'Coaches should work with teachers'

The Education Ministry has urged national sports associations (NSAs) to plan ahead to ensure the education of their student athletes is not compromised.

The ministry’s sports department director Ee Hong (pic) said NSAs should be mindful of the examination period and to ensure their athletes apply for the Agrotat System and meet the criteria.

“Education is important and it is paramount they fulfil the regulations set by the Agrotat System if they are to compete in major tournaments abroad,” said Ee Hong.

“NSAs should plan ahead instead of doing things on an ad hoc basis.”

National hockey junior team manager Mirnawan Nawawi called the Agrotat System “illogical”, as published in Mailsport yesterday.

Read the full report here.

HD says: Through my conversation and meetings with various parties, only one name came popping up. Sigh!


  1. If countries like US, UK , Germany , Korea , Japan and many other countries could excel well in sports where many of their athletes are college or varsity students. If they can do it, why not our students. Lets work together to create a"win-win " situation. Put aside all differences , it should be consensus . Please don't victimize the talented lot by holding to your "prideful ownership" . Find a solution to help these unfortunate sportsman / woman which the responsible agency can think tank and comes up with amicable settlement. Good luck to all parties.

    Sports of All at No Cost!!!

  2. When we have incompetent policy makers, teachers and coaches,... what can we expect from them besides just routine. In the first place, can all these people involved in so called nation building, can set examples starting with their own families and children???

    Till today we are still lacking in many values, the most noticeable are the littering habits.' We are always looking at the bigger picture, but we failed to look at our own backyard'

    HSKL says: "Clean-up your own backyard, before even talking about it"


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