Malaysia 1 Barcelona 3 - your take

Embedded image permalinkBarcelona, without its famous Lionel Messi, defeated Malaysia 3-1 in an exhibition match at the Shah Alam Stadium yesterday.

Some paid RM688 to watch the Spanish team play as Messi, who is reportedly "nursing an injury" sat by the sidelines.

Several interesting incidents happened throughout the run-up to the match and on match day.

Share your 'valuable' experience - may it be the "polite" conversation you had with the security folks, if getting to Shah Alam, instead of Bukit Jalil after being told at the 11th hour, was an "enjoyable" experience, if any Barcelona players waved at you or if you paid top Ringgit but "preferred" to stand throughout the match - all for the love of Barcelona FC.

Would LOVE to hear from the Barcelona fans out there.

HD says: Barcelona is a fun city.


  1. Its no easy task changing a venue from point A to B in less then 24 hours. I wont go into the argument "i told you so" but trom the get go at midnight when the decision was made the main concerns should be
    1. Security
    2. Seating allocation
    3. Media
    4. Medical
    5. Look and Feel

    its not hard to get the seating done but when the time came up for decision to be made the relevant people were no where to be seen.

    I pity those who paid RM 688 coz no one stood up and told them where to sit. The ground staff was in chaos as they had no answered form their bosses

    Few comments from people who shared with me

    1. LM despite being in slippers could at least taken a lap during warm up and engage the crowd not security risk

    2. It seem the average joe on the street cant get a close up unless you are invited by some big sponsor or corporate body

    3. Mix zone was a joke

    In the end people take the easy way out and point the finger at the governing body whose hands at time were tied

    My 2 cents if in the agreement you already had a backup stadium, you already know BJ is not top class pitch should you not have mapped the ticketing earlier?


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