Anak dipangku dilepaskan, beruk di hutan disusukan

HARESH“We have even requested used hockey sticks and goalkeeper padding from the national team yet we get nothing. Now you have a government agency handing out 300 new balls and equipment to a foreign national team. Wow!”

Those were the words of a Kuala Lumpur-based school teacher.

Such frustration come as a surprise, more so after the National Sports Council (NSC) handed over hockey equipment to the Myanmar national hockey team in Ipoh — a ceremony which did not see any publicity — over the weekend NSC's gesture may seem noble.

It can be construed as a means to help promote the game in Myanmar. Some may even call it “Asean solidarity”.

But those at the grassroots find the act hard to comprehend.

Apparently a school in Sepang requested a small number of equipment through a junior hockey programme funded by the council but have not received any feedback. If true, why?

Do read the full commentary Haresh Says before jumping into any conclusion.

HD says: As another school teacher said: “Let’s start taking care of each other. Let it not be a situation where anak dipangku dilepaskan, beruk di hutan disusukan.”


  1. You are right on one thing; NSC has no business giving out any hockey equipment to a foreign hockey federation. Thats the obligation of AHF or if a request is made to our Association, of MHC. I really doubt the gesture is legal/permissible. It is, afterall, often said that charity begins at home.

  2. hahah ya rite...

  3. Money belonging to people(tax payer) must not be used for personal glory and satisfaction.
    Anyone wishing to do so, must first realize where the money is coming from and what right they got to do so.

    HSKL says: Charity should be from your own pocket, not the peoples..

  4. apa bantuan kementerian pelajaran kepada cikgu sekolah tersebut?


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