Wushu: Overlooked but consistently making us proud

While too much of emphasis is given on 'core sports' that tend to disappoint us most of the time, here's a sport that has been consistent in producing champions at every level for more than a decade - wushu.

Below is an article published by NST today.

THREE-TIME world champion Chai Fong Ying (pic) may have called it a day but the future of the sport remains in good hands as Malaysian exponents did well to bag four medals at the World Games in Cali, Colombia on Saturday.

In the men's competition, former world champion Lee Yang took silver in the taolu taijiquan and taijijian event. He managed 9.64 in the taijiquan and 9.72 in the taijijian for a 19.36 total.

Former World Championship medallist Ng Say Yoke clinched bronze in the taolu daoshu and gunshu events after scoring 9.54 (daoshu) and 9.69 (gunshu) for a 19.23 total.

In the women's events, Diana Bong took bronze in the taolu nanquan and nandao. The Sea Games bronze medallist scored 9.42 (nanquan) and 9.39 (nandao) to end the event on 18.81.
Ng Shin Yii just missed out on gold in the taolu taijiquan and taijijian event when she was edged by Indonesia's Lindswell to the title.

Shin Yii, who scored 9.71 in both the taijiquan and taijian, managed a 19.42 total compared to Lindswell's 19.45. Shin Yii and Lindswell were the only two competitors in the category.

Wushu is categorised as an invitational sport at the World Games, similar to an Olympic demonstration sport, where medals won by athletes do not contribute to their nations respective medal tallies.

HD says: If only wushu made it to the mainstream just like taekwondo.


  1. Our so called leaders and administrators are also being "overlooked" too.The society in general does not have the soul in them due to weaknesses in the system(human development) all these while...?

    Policies and programmes rolled out all these while, has not in anyway helped the society to improve. - common bad habits the society possesses. When the very basics of living ( attributes ) are neglected, these is what we get in return.

    Human values are diminishing day by day. We are only good at being rhetoric to have the feelgood feelings. Everybody can say nice things, but to walk the talk is another matter.

    HSKL says: We must stop pretending and bring about real changes to the system.

  2. Wushu has consistently produce medals for the country in SEA Games, Asia Games, World Championship..and now World Games. Unfortunately the funding for this sports is appalling...

    KBS/MSN should reconsider how they fund sports. Stop wasting money of football and takraw


    1. Anon 8:47AM,
      How dare you ask for the funding for football and takraw be stopped! They are our natonal sports. We must look after the players welfare. They are poor and need support to live. Wushu athletes do not need such assistance. They can survive without handouts. Microcosm, my friend.

    2. Dude, kindly to tell you the income of footballers that play for clubs in state level overcome more than half of those national wushu athletes except those world championships medallist. They are poor and need support to live??? This a the biggest joke I heard ever...

    3. You bit the bait. Wushu and football and takraw represent the microscosm of society at large. Wushu athletes are self sufficient. They trained and performed for excellence and do not need handouts like the latter, kapish?


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