KJ's 100 days in office: Awakening not a prob, it's more than fun and games

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin insists the soon-to-be-launched book on his father-in-law, former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, will neither help nor frustrate his cause as he seeks to defend his post during the Umno elections in October.

Meanwhile, the Rembau MP spends some time speaking about his 100 days in office - as he spoke about claims that he is too eager for changes, presumption he is spending more time on sports than youth, on making popular statements and his aspirations.

Read 'Awakening not a problem' and 'It's more than fun and games' in The Malay Mail today.


  1. Can KJ succeed in his quest to bring about the needed changes and new dimension? or, will he like the others submit to the culture of "bodek and ampu"
    I, wonder whether young enthusiastic individuals like KJ and others can withstand the onslaught they might face from all the stakeholders at the state and national level associations. So far, it looks like KJ has stepped on the breaks in matters related to FAM affairs.

    It's a very difficult system at work for the past three decades. Even the great Tun Mahathir, failed as a leader when it comes to sports, don't we think so?? - maybe he knew there was no hope to improve compared to his times.
    With many more shortfalls and missing pieces of puzzles, things will be very-very difficult not only for KJ, but also others who aspire to do the same.



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