RIP Ishtiaq Mubarak

He survived a car crash. He even survived a court case.

Sadly this morning, the former national hurdles star Ishtiaq Mubarak (pic) passed away in his house right after having breakfast. He was 65.
During his colourful career on the tracks, he won the silver medal in the 1974 Asian Games. He was also the silver medalist in the 1973 and 1975 Asian Track and Field Championships.

He went on to coach the young hurdlers, hoping to mold turn them into better Ishtiaq. With a bandana on his head, the hippie looking, rock loving Ishtiaq will always speak about his 'easy-rider' days and how he was not a big fan of superbikes.

He faced plenty of challenges in life. He survived a near-fatal car crash in 1970 which left him bed-ridden for nine months.Yet, he went on to be one of the finest athletes the country has even seen.

He also hogged the limelight for the wrong reason, after he was charged with two counts of drug possession last year.

He leaves behind wife Shamimi Selvarani, a former international 400m hurdler, and two daughters - Shaniz and Shakira. The daughters will surely miss their 'Papadams' - a nickname they gave their dad.

The sports fraternity will always regard him as their 'cool' hero.

For more of the former Victoria Institution lad, read here and here.

HD says: RIP Ishtiaq. You will be missed.


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