Two years on, 'illegal' airstrip continues to operate

In 2011, Free Malaysia Today revealed a plot of land belonging to Yayasan Selangor, a state government company, has been converted into an illegal airstrip in Hulu Bernam.

The Nov 25, 2011 article read: "Last week, the state government’s select committee on Selangor government agencies, statutory bodies and state subsidiary companies (ABAS) made the decision to halt the operation of the airstrip dubbed “Bernam River Airfield”.

The Star, in its article today, reports: "A multi-million ringgit project involving luxury bungalows with a private 1.2km-long airstrip in Hulu Bernam has become a subject of controversy after it failed to take off."

The fact that the airstrip is illegal has been established in 2011. We get that.

What is baffling is the fact that no action has been taken over the past two years since the matter was highlighted. Why?

And even raising more eyebrows is the fact that the "Selangor Immigration and Customs depart­ments say they are unaware of the private airstrip in Hulu Bernam", as reported here.

Huh? Tak baca berita ka?
Here we have an airstrip in Hulu Bernam that is not monitored by the authorities. We will never know the number of foreigners that have been in and out of the country or the list of 'illegal' materials (if any) that could have been smuggled in since it started operating in 2007.

Pic from FMT.

HD says: Why no action taken in 2011? Who should be held responsible?


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