Merdeka Cup Thai poser

Will Thailand be sending their national Under-23 squad for the Merdeka Cup tournament?

That seems to be the poser as sources in Bangkok revealed 16 out of the 22 players selected for the tournament hail from division two southern region league Nara United FC.

Three other players are from Muangthong FC youth team while the remaining players are from the Thai Police team.

“This is not our national Under-23 team as most of them are attached to their clubs and have commitments. This is just a selection of players, mostly from Nara United,” revealed an insider.

Apparently Thai newspapers have questioned the Thailand FA but have not been able to get a straight answer from them.

And Harimau Muda A coach Ong Kim Swee is not impressed, if the Thais do not come with their national Under-23 squad.

Read more in Mailsport today.

HD says: Foreign teams should start taking our competitions seriously.


  1. tapi kalau malaysia kalah jugak.........
    HD says: malaysia pernah ker dapat ranking 100 terbaik .....bye bye islamic game

  2. What's the big deal for OKS, at being disappointed???
    Afterall, his team is also a very low standard team when comes to playing.- Pls remember the outing you and your team ditched out in Kazan, university games. A full time national team got beaten by university teams made of students. - That you can call the greatest disappointment in a coaching career. We want answers with action, not just verbal alone.- Do you think your team is the team everybody can be proud of??? - 'You haven't dug deep enough to find the truth and the failure as a coach...'

    HSKL says: We must say things what others want to hear and, consider. Do not say things which only pleases you and your "blinded heart"


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