FAM unimpressed with Ultras Malaya

http://manage.mmail.com.my/sites/default/files/frontpage_123.pngThe controversial and volatile fan group, Ultras Malaya, have vowed to resort to drastic measures including disrupting football matches if Malaysian teams are provoked.

Ultras Malaya founder, who wished to be known as Freddy, declared: “We have no qualms in doing whatever it takes to support Malaysia.”

The leader of the firebrand group told Mailsport the reason they let off flares and smoke bombs that led to the abandonment of the S-League tie between Harimau Muda B and Young Lions at Pasir Gudang Stadium on Sunday was because they were provoked.

Freddy said he was disappointed the match was abandoned but defended the act of the fans in Johor nevertheless.

This was published in Mailsport on Wednesday.

The FA of Malaysia, however, were certainly not impressed with the threat.

FAM deputy president Tengku Abdullah had told the fans to "behave" and that "our country's name and image is at stake", as published in The Malay Mail today (pic).

For the record, the Asian Football Confederation had asked FAM for an explanation as smoke bombs were lit after the Malaysia-Bahrain 2015 Asian Cup qualifier match on Oct 15.

Fifa, meanwhile, initiated disciplinary proceedings against Scottish and Croatia FAs after flares and smoke bombs were lit during a World Cup qualifying match between both teams recently.

HD says: The rules of the game stand above all.


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