Razlan: No intention to slam NSI

Media Statement

9 October 2013 - Wednesday

We refer to today’s media report in regards to my comment on the handling of Malaysia’s Moto3 rider Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin (pic) injury by National Sports Institute (NSI), which I made after the unveiling of the 2013 Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix trophies at Royal Selangor yesterday.

First and foremost, I would like to point that at no instance did I use or intended to use words amounting to criticism or slamming to NSI on the subject.

I would like to clarify that it was the team and our decision to bring Zulfahmi back to Malaysia for rehabilitation process. As the NSI do not have vast experience in treating motorsport injuries, we felt it would have been better if Zulfahmi had remained in Spain after the surgery for intensive rehabilitation procedures. This is a trial and error situation with Zulfahmi and it is our mistake and not NSI.

However, we are pleased that NSI is proactive in creating a Motorsport department to fully understand and ensure that a better program will be in place if any of our National MotoGP riders are faced with the same situation. In view of the coming Malaysian MotoGP, Datuk Dr Ramlan has provided six therapists and sports science experts to attend starting from today (Wednesday), mainly to provide a comprehensive treatment for Zulfahmi and the other two wild card riders and secondly to conduct research to understand the nature of motorsports, injuries related to motorsports and treatment for such injuries.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to NSI and its staff especially the Chief Executive Officer Datuk Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz for giving Zulfahmi their exclusive attention and for their plans to create a Motorsport department.

NSI has been truly professional in their duties and we are very confident that they have the interest of Zulfahmi at heart. Their work and contribution to national sports have been exemplary especially on sports like football and athletics.

At the same time, I would like us all to wish Zulfahmi a speedy recovery and let’s all gear up to support him and 5 other national heroes who will be competing this weekend.

Thank You

Issued By

Chief Executive Officer, Sepang International Circuit


  1. Don't go over broad, stop treating them as though they're very special - just focus on their injuries like everybody does and move-on.
    We must learn from others on how to treat and handle individual like this. Don't spoil them with all the spotlight directed at them. Treat them as normal as possible. Don't "cradle" them and limit their ability in doing so - psychologically.

    Getting overly excited will only bring about setback which can hinder their progress. Malaysians are generally easily satisfied, and this are the very reason why sports in Malaysia. failed to progress as expected - with the exception of Nicol & LCW.

    The benchmark has to be much greater than whatever achieved till today. Let time tell, don't jump the "gun" too easily.

    HSKL says: Milk them with our feet firmly on the ground.


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