Racism, hooliganism have no place in Malaysian football

Five men have been arrested for alleged rioting involving some 2,000 people following the Sarawak-Perak Malaysia Cup match on Saturday which left several police vehicles damaged and dozens of people, including five policemen, injured. 

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Sarawak's Social Development Minister Tan Sri William Mawan has blamed police for the woeful crowd control that led to rioting, as reported here.

Perak Football Association refuted claims that Perak supporters were involved the riot at the State Stadium in Kuching, as seen here.

During an earlier match, five Sarawak supporters from the group ‘GB13’ were allegedly assaulted outside the compound of Stadium Perak on Wednesday night, according to fan accounts and video on social media.

According to one of the victims, Hifadhi Fatha Sarbini, 22, a Sarawakian working in Ampang, they were about to leave the stadium peacefully when one of the alleged attackers was seen shouting profanities and racial abuse at them in the parking lot.

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Question: What happened to the FA of Malaysia's 'Love Football Stop Hooliganism' campaign launched in February?

Question: Racism in football? Between fans? Among us fellow Malaysians just as we celebrated the nation's independence day on August 31 and to honour the formation of Malaysia on September 16?


Note: This is not the first time we have faced incidents involving racism and hooliganism at football matches in Malaysia. Among others: 
a) Malaysian FA apologises to Benayoun over racist abuse
b) Perlawanan bola sepak Pahang lawan JDT kecoh apabila ada penyokong JDT cedera kena baling objek keras diluar stadium
c) FAM rekod 18 insiden gaduh libat penyokong


  1. The society and the school system has failed!
    Malaysians in this beloved country are heading towards low moral and ethical values. These is happening mainly because, there is too much of racial sentiments being planted into the minds of the masses.


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