Tok Mat defends president's post, ministry calls on PSM to amend constitution

KUALA LUMPUR - "Pada Sukan SEA 2017 kita akan raih pingat emas. "Mulai tahun depan, anda akan mula melihat peningkatan ditunjukkan oleh sukan sepaktakraw."

Itu janji Datuk Ahmad Ismail sebaik sahaja berjaya mempertahankan jawatan Presiden Persatuan Sepaktakraw Malaysia (PSM), semalam.

Dalam mesyuarat pemilihan di Johor Bahru itu, Ahmad, yang lebih dikenali sebagai Tok Mat dipilih untuk menerajui PSM bagi penggal 2014-2017 menerusi kemenangan mudah ke atas pencabarnya, Mohd. Shapian Ali.

Ahmad, 50, yang menjadi Presiden PSM sejak Disember 2002, meraih 50 undi, berbanding hanya 20 diterima Shapian, yang juga Presiden Persatuan Sepaktakraw Negeri Terengganu (PSTNT).

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Bernama, meanwhile, reported:

The youth and sports ministry will call on the Sepaktakraw Association of Malaysia (PSM) to amend its constitution, especially on its committee election process to strengthen the association in the
development of sepaktakraw.

Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin said among the calls for amendment included a change in the voting method of committee election from a show of hands to a secret ballot as the best practice carried out by other sports associations.

Apart from that, he said there should be more delegates from state associations, as compared to delegates appointed by the incumbent leadership at the PSM election.

"The call is not a criticism of the PSM election yesterday; it is just that we want to improve administration and strengthen constitution in the future," Khairy said.


  1. Win gold in 2017 Sea Games? This coming from a guy who promised to resign if they failed to win gold in Guangzhou Asia Games...that's 4 years ago!
    The delegates must be bloody blind to continue voting for him.



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