As Malaysian sprinters return to local coach, was foreign hiring a bad call?

"Dengan itu, mengambil kira untuk kebaikan atlet, KOM dan wakil MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara) memberi kebenaran untuk mereka pulang ke Johor berlatih di bawah Poad.

"Bagaimanapun, kedua-dua atlet ini perlu pulang ke MSN untuk latihan bagi acara 4x100 meter pada masa yang ditetapkan. KOM dan MSN akan terus membantu kedua-dua atlet ini untuk mencapai prestasi terbaik mereka."

Read the full article in Berita Harian.

We've seen similar situations happen in the past.  

Obviously we want the best for our athletes. 

But consider this. You stay in your parents' house. Your parents provide you a monthly allowance. And they don't ask a single sen from you when you (eventually) earn some money. 

Yet, you dictate what you want to eat, who you want to meet and who you want to mix around with because you believe it's your birth right.

If I had pulled the same "birth right" stunt, my late dad would pack my bags and ask me to leave his house. He used to say: "You stay in my house, you use my money, you follow my rules." 

Professional athletes train daily, source for their own funds and dig deep in their pockets to pay for trainings/coaches. Naturally, they get to choose who they want. 

So here's the thing. 

Money has been spent hiring an "expert" with 30 years of experience in coaching and has even assisted Olympic champion LaShawn Merritt. Yet, he will now not train two of Malaysia's SEA Games gold medalist sprinters. Why?

Who didn't do his/her homework? Business wise, I would regard the foreign hiring a bad call. Naturally if I'm going to get outside help, and if it requires heavy investments, I would expect him or her to make changes at the elite level. 

If I already have a local coach who can do the job, why do I even need to hire someone from abroad? 

"Saya tak kata Miller tidak bagus, tetapi mungkin dalam 10 orang yang datang (kepada beliau) mungkin satu atau dua tidak boleh terima cara latihannya dan ini tiada kaitan dengan salah faham atau apa-apa isu." 

Read Berita Harian for more of Khairul Hafiz Jantan's comments.


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