Some things don't change - like salary woes in M-League

Update (April 10, 9.52am): Sabah FA nafi kononnya berlaku kes tunggakkan gaji tiga bulan. 


Sesi latihan skuad Sabah Football Club (FC), petang tadi, terbatal dipercayai ada kaitan dengan isu gaji pemain yang dikatakan tertunggak dua bulan.

Sumber dalam pasukan berkata, latihan sepatutnya bermula jam 4 petang namun selepas perbincangan hangat di kalangan pemain dan barisan kejurulatihan, sesi berkenaan kemudian dibatalkan.

Read Harian Metro's 'Gaji tertunggak, pemain Sabah FC boikot latihan'.

Sabah Rhinos had tweeted this earlier yesterday:

Some things occur every year in Malaysia - the very many festivities, floods in the east coast and footballers not being paid for months. 

It's not a laughing matter as these footballers need to put food on their tables. It's their profession. If this happened in any professional set up or organisation, the employee would have gone to the nearest Labour Department to lodge a complaint.  

Unpaid salaries also allow match-fixing to rear its ugly head. 

The risk of more matches being fixed during the coronavirus pandemic is real as in 2020, Sportradar detected suspicious activity in three Asian nations that has never previously had any indication of match-fixing. 

Read Times of India for the full report.

Speaking about Sabah Rhinos, they had tweeted this yesterday morning:

To quote the tweet "same old attitude". Well, some things don't change. 


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