Bantu Skuad Projek FAM-MSN: Beri sokongan ATAU tarik diri dari Liga Premier

First view:

"Jadi berilah andaian yang adil kepada pemain dan sokongan diperlukan untuk memajukan bola sepak. Pemain perlu disokong supaya mereka dapat kembali ke landasan sebenar. Jika peluang tidak diberikan kepada mereka, saya rasa kita akan kekurangan pemain."

'Beri sokongan, bantu mereka' - April 2, 2021 (Berita Harian)

Second view:

Rather than placing these ‘average’ young players, in whom we have invested so much, into a single team that will be plundered by teams from the second tier of Malaysian football competition (Premier League), it would be best if we have them join lower league teams (M3 and M4) or even better, a university or college team competing at the university football league.

FAM-NSC project squad: An accident waiting to happen? - Dec 24, 2020 (Twentytwo13)

This reminds me of my interview with Lim Teong Kim in 2019. He was then quoted as saying:

"We need to create a pathway for them to play with Under-19 teams. Let’s be realistic, not all of them are ready for the senior team while not all coaches are willing to play younger players. They want results, especially those who are pressured to get results.

"With this mentality that they need to swim or die, that’s not the right way. This is my concern. A lot has been invested in these players and somebody needs to take responsibility for them and I’m doing just that."

‘Swim or die’ mentality for youth players not the right way, says Teong Kim - July 26, 2019 (Twentytwo13) 

So should we let our FAM-NSC team "swim and die" in the Premier League or should we just pull them out of the Premier League? 

Let the experts speak. I mean the real experts ...


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